Unique Initiatives for Cyber Safety Pasifika in Vanuatu

After attending the Cyber Safety Pasifika Training in Canberra in May 2017 Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) Constable Jeff Natapei has been working hard to spread the word on Cyber Safety across Vanuatu. He has provided training on the delivery of the Awareness Presentations to seven fellow officers in the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Office in VPF headquarters and over 500 children and community members across Port Villa have recieved the Awareness Presentation. Jeff has also hosted a radio program on Radio Vanuatu where he delivered Cyber Safety Messages to the Community. This has been a regular program and is well received in the community.

VPF Constable Jeff Natapei on his weekly Radio Vanuatu program Image: Jeff Natapei

This radio program called Police Toktok, continues with Jeff's Colleagues using the opportunity to inform the community not only about Cyber Safety but also to educate children and families about the Pikinini Safety Golden Rules.


Cpl Rayndol presenting.                                              

Pc Indianna presenting.


Jeff and the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Office plan to conduct a visit to every school in Port Villa to deliver Cyber Safety Pasifika Awareness Presentations in conjunction with the Vanuatu National Rugby Team. The President of the Vanuatu Rugby Association, Mr Stephen Able has agreed to support the VPFs efforts with Cyber Safety Pasifika and will have the National Rugby Team involved in these School Visits.

The Vanuatu Rugby Team are currently preparing for the South Pacific Mini Games which are being held in Vanuatu in December 2017. To have the team on board to assist with the delivery of Cyber Safety Pasifika Awareness Presentations is another great initiative from the VPF.

The Vanuatu National Rugby Team with VPF Cyber Safety Pasifika Trainers Image: Jeff Natapei