Online reputation

Everything you do or say online is a reflection of you and your reputation. It’s so easy to post online that we often do it without thinking about the consequences.

Remembering to always treat ourselves and other people with respect is the best way to avoid posting content that we may later regret.

A person is using social media Facebook account

Sometimes we post things we wish we hadn’t and want to get them removed.

If you’ve already shared or posted something you regret, don’t panic. You can contact the site administrator and ask them to remove the content. But be aware your content may have been copied, shared or saved on someone’s device before you had a chance to remove it.

Nothing is so bad that you can’t tell someone. Talk to someone you trust or find counselling and support services in your area.

Top tips

  • Think before you post - is your online profile a true reflection of who you are?
  • Know what material your friends are sharing about you.
  • Set your profile to ‘private’ when using social media and apps.
  • Set up your permissions on Facebook so that you have to approve any content you’re ‘tagged’ in before it is shared.