Gaming can be a great way to have fun.Gamepad controller

Games can help you:

  • learn problem solving skills
  • work with others
  • grow your confidence.

Players can ‘chat’ to each other through instant messaging or chatrooms. Some games let you talk to other players using headsets.

Some games are free to play, but some you will need to pay to download the software or pay a subscription fee. Gaming apps on mobile devices can also be downloaded for free or a small cost. However, be aware that some apps have extra features that you have to pay money to use. These are called in-app purchases.

The rules for online gaming are the same as other types of online communication – they start with respect. If you are respectful with what you say and how you behave while gaming, you are less likely to cause trouble for yourself or others.

Challenges of gaming

It’s important to stop and think about the personal information you’re giving out while gaming, especially to people you don’t know offline.

cyberbully angry at a computer screen


Gaming can be very competitive. This means you might experience aggressive or unfriendly communication from other players. Sometimes this can lead to cyberbullying. You can read more about cyberbullying here

Top tips

  • Think about turning off direct message or chat features – this means that other players can’t contact you.
  • Avoid sharing personal information such as your name, where you live, the school you go to or where you work.
  • Choose a username that doesn’t give away your personal information (for example your age or location).