Mobile devices

A mobile device is a portable computing device such as a tablet or smartphone.

More people are using mobile devices which means more applications are being developed. Also called apps, they can be downloaded onto your tablet or smartphone.

Each app is a program or piece of software that can do different functions or activities. You can learn more about apps here.

You can use mobile devices to communicate with each other, look up information and share content. Because they are portable you can use them at home, school, work or anywhere.

Mobile phones and smartphones can also help parents and carers stay in contact with young people they care for.

Challenges of mobile devices

It’s important that we all – children, young people, teachers and parents – talk about what can happen if mobile devices and apps are used to hurt others. 

If a mobile device or app is used the wrong way:

  • there may be consequences for your relationships
  • there may be legal consequences
  • there may be moral consequences.

You need to be aware of talking online to people you don’t know. This is because people are not always who they say they are and usually there’s no way to check.

You should also be aware of accidentally letting people know where you live, go to school or work through geotagging features. Check out our page on Geotagging  to find out more about location settings.

Most of the challenges you will face with mobile devices relate to:

You can find more information about how to stay safe on our website.