About Cyber Safety Pasifika

Cyber Safety Pasifika is a program that helps everyone in our community learn about technology and how to stay safe. We’re all in this together – let’s look out for ourselves, our family and friends, so that we all stay safe online.

Top tips for staying safe

Tip 1 Only talk to people on the internet that you know and trust.

Tip 2 Personal information shouldn’t be shared on the internet.

Tip 3 Set up secure privacy settings on all of your accounts.

Tip 4 Use a strong password, keep it private and change it regularly.

Tip 5 Don’t open emails from people you don’t know.


Our work

Website coming soon!

Want to know more about how to stay safe online? Cyber Safety Pasifika will be launching a new website in the next few months about using technology, staying safe and protecting your information.
Watch this space!

Do you know how to make a strong password?

Having a strong password that someone can’t easily guess is one way to protect your information and privacy on the internet. Use UPPPER and lowercase letters, symbols ($&%) and numbers (123).