Tips for teachers

As teachers you can help guide young people to make good decisions when using the internet.

If your school is already connected to the internet, you might like to think about how your students use the internet in the classroom.

A group of students using devices to access the internet


One way to do this is to start a class contract to get all your students to agree to use the internet safely and treat others with respect.

Our top tips for teachers:

  • Make a difference - you can start positive change in your school community.
  • Be a role model for young people by setting an example of positive online behaviour.
  • Encourage young people to have respectful relationships; this includes respect for ourselves, family and friends.
  • Help young people build a strong community that says no to bullying others.
  • Question everything you see on the internet, and encourage students to do the same. Not everything on the internet is true.
  • Talk about difficult issues – we need to support our young people as they grow up with technology.
  • If you are aware of a young person in trouble online, help them find support.